Academic Model (Methodologies)

The educational method at IGEMA is characterized by the interdisciplinary nature of its programs, which provide students with a global view of society and its surroundings. It also emphasizes the international perspective of the subjects taught in different courses, responding to the growing globalization of markets.

Through a methodology based on academic mentoring by the staff, students can learn the practical application of concepts taught in various subjects through the study of practical cases and current economic examples. Additionally, the workshops and seminars offered by IGEMA throughout the degree complement a practical foundation, allowing students to stay informed about cutting-edge topics related to business innovation and learn the use of digital management tools currently employed by companies.

This methodology places a strong focus on the student and aims to foster their active participation, enabling them to develop the necessary general competencies for their future professional endeavors. The primary goal is to ensure that students play an active role in their academic education with the support of highly qualified faculty at all times.

IGEMA emphasizes entrepreneurship. By applying the concepts learned in different degree subjects, participating in practical workshops at the school, attending seminars on current business topics, and analyzing current issues led by specialized professors in each field, IGEMA students regularly engage in entrepreneurial activities, applying each concept as needed for their projects.

Moreover, working in small groups allows professors to provide more personalized monitoring of each student’s progress, assist them as needed through individual tutoring, and organize group review sessions for exams and assignments.

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