Enrollment requirements

IGEMA draws on the experience and professionalism of both its parent organization, the Education and Future Foundation (Fundación Formación y Futuro) and its team of experts who have trained and advised over 50,000 individuals since 1958.

We propose a university education adapted to the 21st century with the strategy of not massifying but personalizing. With the dynamics of establishing small groups we can guarantee the quality and excellence that today’s university education needs.

We are excited to pass on to the new generations all the entrepreneurial, business, and teaching experience with the aim and flexibility to incorporate into our educational programs all the connections, strategies, and needs accumulated over the years regarding the evolution of the economic and business world, as well as the social realities that result from its constant evolution.

We encourage entrepreneurship and the generation of economic activity to provide tools that support real projects.

We promote the involvement of companies by having them present on our premises through program delivery, creating business and employment opportunities, fostering economic activity, and establishing long-term commitments.

The new generations aim for tangible results, and all of IGEMA’s efforts are focused on making those results achievable.

Admission Requirements

University Students

You must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at any recognized academic institution.

Senior Technicians

You must successfully complete the last course of the CFGS before the start date of the postgraduate course or already be practicing as a professional.

Linguistic Competence

A sufficient level of Spanish and English is required to participate in academic discussions and activities. Some programs may require a more advanced level of language proficiency. Specific requirements will be indicated in the application.

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