Enrollment requirements

The requirements for access to university master’s degrees are regulated by RD 1393/2007 (and its amendment RD 861/2010). In order to be admitted to the university master’s degree program, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

Access to official masters IGEMA - URV

Do you meet the requirements for admission?

Generally, you can access a Master’s program if you hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Additionally, each Master’s program may have additional admission requirements such as language proficiency or professional experience, which you can check in the Master’s program details within the offer.

If you are a final-year Bachelor’s student, you can apply for access to the Master’s program and reserve a spot. You can enroll once you have completed your Bachelor’s degree and can provide proof of completion to the Academic Management Office on Campus during the enrollment period.

Additional Training Requirements

In some cases, based on your previous education, the Master’s program’s Academic Coordination/Committee may require you to take additional courses as training supplements. These courses are designed to adapt your knowledge and prepare you for successful completion of the Master’s program.

The Official Master’s Degree in Creation and Management of Businesses in a Globalized Environment consists of 60 ECTS credits distributed over 1 year (60 total ECTS).

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