Student IDs

At IGEMA, we ensure that all of our students are fully equipped with the tools necessary for their college experience. That’s why every IGEMA student receives two essential ID cards: the URV card and the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). These cards not only identify you as part of our educational community, but also open doors to a range of services and benefits both locally and internationally.

URV Card

The URV card is more than a simple identification card; it is your key to a wide range of services within the URV university community. With it, you will enjoy benefits such as:


By joining IGEMA, you will also receive the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), a globally recognized credential. This card accredits you as a member of the CAMPUS BARCELONA DIAGONAL university community and gives you access to various exclusive IGEMA facilities and spaces. In addition, with it you can make reservations of spaces and enjoy numerous advantages at a global level. The ISIC, officially endorsed by UNESCO since 1968, identifies you as a student in more than 130 countries and offers you:

The ISIC-IGEMA International Student Card is your ideal companion for a rich and global university experience.

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