Faculty of Economics and Business - URV

IGEMA is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business at URV, where we provide excellent training with an international outlook, internships in companies, and a high level of employability. Our teaching approach will provide you with many competitive advantages.

01. The student is the central focus of academic planning

Academic planning is designed to facilitate learning and adapt to your needs. Schedules are condensed so that you can organize study time, engage in extracurricular activities, study languages, or pursue other activities.

Optional subjects are concentrated in one semester to facilitate a study mobility stay at another university in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

If you come from a related Higher Vocational Training (CFGS) program, you may recognize subjects, and depending on the degree you pursue, you may be able to complete it in three years.

The group sizes facilitate experimental learning and close student faculty relationships.

02. Increase your job opportunities.

Upon completing the degree, you will have professional experience accreditation for having completed 600 hours of curricular internships in companies or institutions in the area. Thanks to the stable collaboration of the faculty with over 150 companies and institutions from all economic sectors, you will have the opportunity to expand this work experience by undertaking extracurricular internships during the last years of your degree. As a graduate, you will have permanent access to job offers through the Job Board.

03. International projection

Internationalization is one of the pillars of our educational proposal. You can study at one of the more than 140 universities in 33 countries with which we have agreements, offering more than 250 places.

You also have the option to pursue the specialization in international trade in English, being able to share classrooms with students from other countries and prepare yourself to operate in an international environment.

04. A teaching team with guarantees

You will receive classes from faculty with high academic standards and prestigious professionalism. Knowledge updates are guaranteed due to the distinguished research trajectory of the faculty and the involvement of executives and professionals with extensive teaching experience.

05. Quality

We are the first public Catalan university center to obtain institutional accreditation from the Council of Universities. This guarantees the quality of the processes directly involved in the development of the degrees.

You will receive quality and innovative teaching, recognized with awards from the Government of Catalonia, the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport, and the Social Council of the URV.

Additionally, we have certifications from professional bodies such as the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and the ICAC (Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de Cuentas – Institute of Accounting and Auditing).

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