Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Barcelona


At IGEMA, we believe in your talent and creativity.

The Official bachelor’s degree in business administration and management at IGEMA offers the opportunity to educate students through quality education, enabling them to be competitive in a business context.

IGEMA aims to teach students the necessary business skills to pursue a successful career in an ever-evolving environment. Students learn a variety of business skills including Team Leadership, Time Management, Accounting, E-Business, International Management, Financial Control and Structures, Marketing Techniques, Entrepreneurship, and more.

The ADE Bachelor’s Degree is one of the university degrees with the highest job placement rates upon graduation. The ADE degree aims to combine students’ business talent with highly advanced, specialized education geared towards immediate entry into the job market.

Degrees granted

Official Degree from Rovira and Virgili University and Entrepreneurship Skills Diploma.

Upon completing your education at IGEMA, you will not only gain deep and practical knowledge in your field of study but also receive valuable academic recognition. You will be awarded an Official Degree in Business Administration and Management from Rovira and Virgili University, a qualification recognized nationally and internationally. Additionally, you will receive an Entrepreneurship Skills Diploma, equipping you with the necessary skills to tackle the challenges of the business world with an innovative and strategic vision. This unique combination of certifications will open doors in the job market and position you ahead in your professional career.

Why study Business Administration at IGEMA?

At IGEMA, we are dedicated to providing an education that not only prepares you academically, but also equips you with the skills and experiences necessary to excel in today’s competitive world.

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