Payment Options

To ensure that access to quality higher education is within the reach of more families, IGEMA has designed a flexible Financing Program for Master’s studies. This program has been designed to accommodate different economic possibilities, offering various options for tuition payment, thus ensuring that financial constraints do not prevent students from pursuing their academic and professional dreams.

Single Payment

This option allows families to make a single payment at the time of enrollment in October, which includes the enrollment fee for reserving a spot and a single installment. This method is ideal for those who prefer to streamline the payment process and manage their budget efficiently from the outset (savings of €300).

Payment in installments (depending on country of origin)

Understanding the need for flexibility, IGEMA offers the ability to divide tuition payment into several monthly installments, up to a maximum of 10, without incurring additional fees. This structure is designed to alleviate any financial burden, allowing families to plan their finances without pressure:

Important Note:

One of the major advantages of our Financing Program is that IGEMA, through the Foundation for Education and Future (Fundación Formación y Futuro), directly manages these payments. This means that we do not apply interest or other fees on the installments. Our priority is educational accessibility, not financial profit, reflecting our commitment to supporting students and their families.

This approach underscores our commitment to removing financial barriers to higher education, allowing our students to focus on what really matters: their academic and professional future.

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