Entrepreneur Passport

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic world of work, it is essential that university students not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but also develop practical skills and demonstrate their commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation. Aware of this need, IGEMA University, Center for University Studies, has devised an innovative initiative for the next academic year 2023-2024: the Entrepreneur Passport. This document will allow IGEMA students to register all their projects, masterclasses and events in which they have participated, providing them with an additional tool to highlight their professional profile when seeking future employment.

The Entrepreneurial Passport is a pioneering proposal in the academic field that aims to foster entrepreneurship among students and provide them with a tangible way to document their experience and achievements during their time at university. This passport will function as a complement to the traditional curriculum vitae, allowing students to show in a structured and visually attractive way all the relevant activities in which they have participated.

One of the key features of the Entrepreneurial Passport is the possibility of registering all the projects in which students have been involved. This includes both academic projects and personal initiatives and ventures. Each project will have its own page in the passport, detailing the objectives, the tasks performed, the results obtained and any other relevant aspect to understand the student’s experience.

The passport will also allow students to register the masterclasses and events in which they have participated. This may include conferences, workshops, seminars and other activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation. By documenting their participation in these activities, students will be able to demonstrate their interest in continuous learning and their willingness to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and practices in the business world.

The Entrepreneur Passport offers significant long-term benefits for IGEMA graduate students. By submitting this document along with their resume, students will be able to differentiate themselves from other job candidates by highlighting their entrepreneurial skills and their ability to apply knowledge in practical situations. Employers will value concrete evidence of the student’s experience and commitment to project development and active participation in entrepreneurship-related activities.

In addition, the Entrepreneur Passport will also promote the creation of a network of contacts between students and professionals in the business world. By participating in events and masterclasses, students will have the opportunity to make connections with experts and successful entrepreneurs, which could open doors to future collaborations or even job opportunities.

In summary, the introduction of the Entrepreneurial Passport at IGEMA University represents a step forward in the integral formation of students. By providing them with an effective tool to record and showcase their achievements and experiences in entrepreneurship, the university is preparing its graduates to excel in a highly competitive work environment. The Entrepreneurial Passport not only strengthens the professional profile of students, but also fosters entrepreneurship and lifelong learning, laying the foundation for a successful future in the business world.

Skills Subjects - Masterclasses

This academic year 2023-2024 at IGEMA, Centro de Estudios Universitarios, we have created a new classroom that has allowed us to hold a series of master classes and presentations by highly qualified professionals in different areas, who have come to share their knowledge and experiences with us. Thanks to the creation of this classroom, we have been able to observe how it has had a positive impact on the academic and professional training of the university’s students. In addition, this has allowed them to broaden their knowledge and understanding of specific topics by providing them with the tools and skills to face the challenges of today’s business world.

Among the master classes that have been held, we can highlight some that have been really enriching. The first was by Dr. Rubén Mancha, professor of information systems and director of the Digital Transformation Initiative at Babson College, Massachusetts, USA. During this master class, Dr. Mancha talked about the keys to lead the creation of value with digital technologies in startups and organizations. It was a very interesting class that allowed us to understand the importance of digital technologies in today’s business world and how they can be used to generate value in different contexts.

The second master class we held was the presentation of the three new books from the Mrs. Mª Carmen Gracia i el Sr. Josep Bertran on financing risks. This class was very interesting for those students interested in finance and economics, as we were able to learn more about the risks associated with different forms of business financing and how these can be minimized.

Finally, there is the masterclass to be given by David Estrada, Director of Anticipation and Advanced Services at the multinational Schneider Electric, on May 16, who will speak about the artificial intelligence revolution. This class will be a great opportunity to learn how artificial intelligence is transforming the business world and how we can leverage this technology to improve our organizations.

In conclusion, the creation of this classroom for IGEMA University has been a great success, since it has allowed us to receive experts in different areas, who have shared their knowledge and experiences with us. We hope that this initiative will continue to provide valuable and enriching learning opportunities for students in the future.

Job Placement Services

IGEMA provides an active job placement service aimed at facilitating the entry of its students and alumni into the workforce.

The professional offer is characterized by a wide and varied range of possibilities. The offers come from prestigious national and international companies and organizations. The department heads are in charge of guiding the student according to his or her preferences, as well as informing him or her of all the procedures to be carried out by the student. In the case of international jobs, the job center helps to manage the necessary documentation for the stay in the country of destination.

IGEMA supports the professional integration of all its students by offering internships and job opportunities tailored to each student’s career aspirations.

The internship department provides personalized guidance to students, identifying the best opportunities from the array of options available through the Job Placement Service.

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