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At IGEMA, we are committed to supporting our students through a wide range of scholarships, grants and bursaries, thus facilitating access to quality education. Our financial support offerings vary annually to adapt to the changing needs of our student community.

General Guideline for Scholarship Application

Current and incoming students can apply for IGEMA scholarships and grants. Each student can apply for different scholarships but can only receive one of them. Students must apply annually for the scholarship to which they aspire, as these are not automatically renewed. The scholarships are not cumulative, although it is possible to obtain simultaneously the cash discount and the assigned scholarship. The scholarship percentage granted is applied to the tuition fee and not to the official fees.

If they are also applying for a state scholarship, they must present their proof of application for state scholarships.

Some types of scholarships, grants and bonuses are:

It is important to remember that students must apply for these scholarships and grants annually, as they are not automatically renewed. Each scholarship or grant has its own requirements and conditions, reflecting our continuous effort to adapt to the diverse needs of our students.

In the 2023-2024 academic year,
1 out of 4 students has obtained some type of scholarship of his or her own

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