Bachelor's Degree Curriculum

The Master’s Degree in Creation and Management of Businesses in a Globalized Environment (MUCAD) consists of a total of 60 ECTS credits, divided into 2 semesters and grouped into compulsory (OB) and elective (OP) courses, as well as a Master’s Final Project. The compulsory courses account for 48 credits (3 credits per course), the elective courses account for 6 credits (3 credits per course), and 6 credits are allocated to the Master’s Final Project.

Subjects (30 ECTS):

  • Business Strategy in Global Environments and New Economies: Circular, social, collaborative, and common good economy (OB)
  • Talent Management and Entrepreneurship. Project Generation (R&D) (OB)
  • Advanced Strategic Administration, Organization, and Management. (OB)
  • Management Accounting and Business Indicators (OB)
  • Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurship. Traditional and Digital Markets. (OB)
  • Sales Strategy and Information Modeling Systems for Decision Making. (OB)
  • Legal Aspects of Business Administration and Management. (OB)
  • Legal Aspects of Business Management in International Markets. (OB)
  • Strategic Diagnosis and Entrepreneurship Management. Value Creation in National and International Markets. (OB)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Code (Compliance). (OB)

Subjects (30 ECTS):

  • Economics of Innovation and Innovation Systems: Blockchain, big data. (OB)
  • Technological Innovation: Application of Artificial Intelligence in 21st Century Business. (OB)
  • Financial Management, Instruments, and International Financial Markets (OB)
  • Internationalization Strategies and International Institutions. (OB)
  • Comparative Taxation in National and International Transactions. (OB)
  • Business Simulation (OB)
  • Business Innovation and Creativity. Technology as a Strategic Business. (OP)
  • Critical Thinking and the Art of Decision Making (OP)
  • Leadership and Talent Management (OP)
  • Operations Management and SGQ (OP)
  • Master’s Final Project (TFM)

Master's Final Project (TFM)

The Master’s Final Project allows students to apply the knowledge acquired during their training. The topic is selected and assigned at the beginning of the program and developed throughout.

Students will have regular meetings with their TFM tutor throughout the Master’s program and must demonstrate the program’s competencies in their work.

The TFM will culminate in a public presentation and defense, clearly presenting the results and conclusions obtained. The presentation can be conducted in Catalan, Spanish, or English.

For more information about the curriculum:

IGEMA’s educational method is characterized by innovative methodologies such as problem-based learning, business simulations, and knowledge exchange.

This methodology focuses on the student, aiming to foster their active participation and develop the necessary general competencies for their future careers. The main objective is to ensure students play an active role in their academic development, supported at all times by highly qualified faculty.

Through academic guidance, students will apply theoretical concepts to practical cases and real-life situations, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit through business project development.

IGEMA is committed to entrepreneurship. Using the concepts learned in the different subjects of the Master’s program, IGEMA trains future entrepreneurs through the acquisition of real entrepreneurial experience through the development of a business project.

In addition, working in small groups allows professors to monitor the progress of each student in a more personalized way, helping them when needed through individual tutoring for exams and the final master’s thesis.

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