Master's Degree Curriculum

To meet the current social need, two entities like the Training and Future Foundation and IGEMA Business School are initiating a project that represents the joint proposal of a University Studies Center of recognized prestige and teaching experience both nationally and internationally.

The Training and Future Foundation and IGEMA join forces to offer university studies that have significant potential for students seeking new university prospects both in the Catalonia region and the rest of Spain.

Subjects (30 ECTS):

  • Business Strategy in Global Environments and New Economies: Circular, social, collaborative, and common good economy OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Talent Management and Entrepreneurship. Project Generation (R&D) OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Advanced Strategic Administration, Organization, and Management. OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Management Accounting and Business Indicators OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurship.
  • Traditional and Digital Markets. OB. 3 ECTS.
    Sales Strategy and Information Modeling Systems for Decision Making. OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Legal Aspects of Business Administration and Management. OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Legal Aspects of Business Management in International Markets. OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Strategic Diagnosis and Entrepreneurship Management.
  • Value Creation in National and International Markets. OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Code (Compliance). OB. 3 ECTS.

Subjects (30 ECTS):

  • Financial Management, Instruments, and International Financial Markets OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Internationalization Strategies and International Institutions. OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Business Simulation. OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Internship in Companies. OB. 3 ECTS.
  • Leadership and Talent Management. OP. 3 ECTS.
  • Business Innovation and Creativity. Technology as a Strategic Business. OP. 3 ECTS.
  • Critical Thinking and the Art of Decision Making. OP. 3 ECTS.
  • Operations Management and Quality Management Systems. OP. 3 ECTS.
  • Master’s Thesis. TFM. 6 ECTS.

Each module combines theory with practice, including case studies, laboratory work, and projects to ensure that students acquire a deep and applicable understanding of each subject.

What are ECTS?

The European Credit Transfer System is the new European system that measures subjects in study plans, which assess the hours that students dedicate to study activities, ranging from 25 to 30 hours per credit.

The Foundation is a non-profit entity whose purpose is a commitment to the education of individuals aspiring to have a positive influence on society, promoting integrity, a spirit of service, professionalism, and responsibility.

It has been registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya since 1993, and it has been declared an institution of educational beneficence by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The Training and Future Foundation originated in 1958 when the School of Business Administration was created, accumulating over 60 years of experience in the education, management, and development of educational entities. The Master’s in Creation and Administration of Digital and Sustainable Businesses is accredited and registered in the Registry of Universities, Centers, and Titles (RUCT) of the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities with number 08072942.

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